Our "Pedagogical support for girls in need" Project.

The project consists of providing accompaniment and psychopedagogical support to groups of girls from disadvantaged backgrounds in the city of Bobo-Dioulasso. The objective is to improve their academic level, increase their self-esteem, and prepare them to face the selective exams of Brevet d’Etudes du Premier Cycle (BEPC) and Baccalauréat (BAC) through reinforcement courses outside of regular school hours.

In sub-Saharan Africa, which has the highest global rate of out-of-school children, the majority of girls drop out of school when they reach secondary education. This is due to economic or social difficulties and the unfortunate practice of forced marriages that still exist. This makes them a highly dependent and vulnerable group.

Fighting to promote the presence of girls and young women in secondary education is one of the main objectives of CAT SYA.
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In Burkina Faso, education faces many challenges.

-The population is very young, with 45.3% being under the age of 15.

-Classrooms are overcrowded, averaging at 100/150 students per classroom.

-Teachers are poorly trained, due to a lack of sufficient resources for quality education.

-Additionally, ensuring proper nutrition for students at school is not guaranteed.

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The enrollment rates in primary schools are nearly 85%, but the situation becomes concerning in secondary education, with rates ranging from 20% to 30% only. There is a notable difference between the genders, primarily due to the difficulties girls face in accessing secondary schools. This highlights the need for targeted efforts to address barriers and promote equal opportunities for girls to pursue education at the secondary level.

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Traditionally in Burkina Faso, priority has been given to the education of boys over that of girls, conditioning the lack of continuity and the low academic performance of girls, who bear the majority of domestic tasks as a consequence of a patriarchal society.

*Data from the National Institute of Statistics and Demography of Burkina Faso and UNICEF.

Since 2015, insecurity has threatened the country and sown desolation, leading to a massive exodus of the population fleeing conflict-affected areas. Over 4,250 schools have been closed, making Burkina the most affected country in West Africa in terms of attacks on educational centers.

Implementation of the project

  • Extra-curricular courses throughout the school year, until the date of the exams.
  • At the beginning of June for girls aiming to pass the BEPC exam.
  • At the end of June or the first week of July for girls aiming to pass the BAC exam.
  • Conferences during the school year on topics of interest to them (unwanted pregnancies, study methodology, climate change, etc.)
  • Sessions of educational cinema and practice of oral English with computers, at the headquarters of CAT SYA.
  • Training in basic computer skills, also at the headquarters of CAT SYA.

Project co-financed by CAT SYA and various funders: UPF (Pompeu Fabra University), T2M - Real Dreams Foundation, Tochete Foundation, and Deloitte.

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