Infrastructures. Action and improvement

Cat Sya is promoting the provision of infrastructure for educational centers to improve education in Burkina Faso. This includes the installation of solar panels, tree planting, school gardens, donation of computers, and organization of computer training programs.


The town of Kotédougou is one of the largest in the region (5,493 inhabitants according to the 2006 census - many more in reality - and 1,752 children of school age) and had only one single-line school that was collapsed and could not admit more children. It was necessary to build a new school to serve the child population of the area. Cat Sya was responsible for finding financing to carry out the construction of the school, contacting the German NGO ASAO, responsible for the construction of many schools in Burkina. Currently, the number of enrolled children in Kotedougou-B is 430, who are the beneficiaries of the school canteen project that Cat Sya started in 2017.

There are now two schools: Kotédougou-A (the old one) and Kotédougou-B (the new one).

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Year of action: 2011.
168 children were enrolled in school in 2011.
430 children were enrolled in school in 2017.
484 children were enrolled in school in 2021.

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25 people have been hired including bricklayers, painters, carpenters, teachers and school support staff. Additionally, 5 new teachers have been hired.


Thanks to the funding provided by the German NGO ASAO (Solidarity Association with West Africa), and the donation of school furniture from Rotary Club, along with the management of Cat Sya, we have been able to accomplish our goals.

Garden at the School

Creation of a school garden for nutritional and educational purposes. School gardens are part of the "Infrastructure for Education" program to reduce levels of childhood malnutrition and, consequently, improve school attendance and academic performance, as well as promote better nutrition and good dietary practices. What does the program offer? From the preparation of land, seeds, and tools for cultivation to training workshops for teachers and family members to learn good eating habits. Community participation, especially from parents and students, is crucial for the success of school gardens.

Training for children on how to sow and take care of the vegetable garden, and how to promote good harvests for school feeding.

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Centre for literacy and vocational training in trades AFID (since 2020), with the aim of providing professional training in new agricultural techniques such as fertilization of the land with animal manure and effective water management. Beneficiaries: 73 students of the center, literacy instructor, agricultural technicians conducting the training and merchants supplying the necessary materials (fencing for the garden, seeds, tools, compost, etc.).


Kofila-A School (2014/15) Beneficiaries: 442 students from the school, 10 teachers and the director, and the Association of Parents (APE) and Mother Educators (AME), the project coordinator, technicians who will provide agricultural training for the children and traders who will provide the necessary materials.


The Kotédougou-B School (2012) beneficiaries are 430 students, 9 teachers, the Association of Parents (APE), the project coordinator, technicians who will provide agricultural training to children, and traders who will supply the necessary materials.

Water well for the Kosso-Bako school

Cat Sya got to know the school in Kosso-Bako through a school exchange program during the academic year 2011/12 with Andersen School in Terrasa (Catalonia). The director of Kosso-Bako school made a request to Cat Sya: the school does not have access to water, electricity, or enough classrooms… and the children have to go to the nearest well over 2km away to fetch water. With the help of the friendly NGO, Aigua per al Sahel, we began the construction of a well to assist them.

And now we have a well!

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Higiene, Lavado De Manos En Kote

Installation of solar panels and rehabilitation in rural health centers and schools

2010-2012, Refurbishment of the roofs of the health center in Kotedugu and installation of solar panels. 2015-2016, Tree planting and installation of solar panels in a school in TOLOMATA. So that children can study when it gets dark, have shade in the courtyard and can play, read, walk..., especially during the dry season when it is very sunny.

Trees to achieve a more habitable environment, and solar panels to be able to study when it gets dark.


Another problem at the Tolotama school: there was no electricity! Given the situation, Cat Sya financed the installation of 3 solar panels to make it possible to use the classrooms when it gets dark, especially for the CM2 students who have to take the CEP (Primary Studies Certificate) exam and need to study hard.

Donació Pc 2

The school was participating in the project “Promotion of school exchanges to enhance culture: let’s get to know each other”, through which a donation of 4 laptops was made to the involved centers, including the Tolotama school.

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Eleven Flamboyants, eleven lemon trees, eleven Acacias, ten Yacas (a tree that produces a fruit that can be made into jam), ten Mânecs (grafted Mango tree), eleven Anacards, and eleven Morenga were planted as part of a project financed by a member of Cat Sya in 2015.

Donation of computers and school material.

At CAT SYA, we manage donations of computers, IT equipment, school supplies, and more, specifically for schools, institutes, teachers, and associated personnel. We are responsible for transporting supplies from Barcelona to Burkina, preparing the computers for use (updating the systems and installing in French, etc.), modifying classrooms for their use, and distributing them to institutes, schools, and teachers. Our ultimate goal is to promote the use of such an essential tool as computers in the education sector.

PROJECT PC: computers and IT skills.

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In June 2016, there was a computer collection campaign that gathered almost 100 computers in record time through the collaboration of many people and entities. A Catalan NGO, MUJERES BURKINA, proposed that we participate by contributing to a shared container destined for Burkina Faso.

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We mainly bring second-hand computers for schools, as well as clothes, shoes and school supplies that travel inside the boxes to protect the computers.

In July 2017, we repeated the shipment with a truck from the Burkinesos Association of Barcelona, ​​with the invaluable help of Casa Orlandai that provides us with space as a warehouse.

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2500 direct beneficiaries: students from schools and institutes, especially from LMVTD and LOC. 10,000 indirect beneficiaries. 1 computer specialist hired by the Burkina government. 155 desktop computers, 61 laptops, 20 printers, and 150 ink cartridges were donated. Project start year: 2009.


With the proposal of a collaborator from Cat Sya, improved stoves (foyers améliorés) were built at the Kotedugú-B school and the AFID center, in order to cook more efficiently and solve a problem that local cooks were facing.

"Foyers améliorés" , To achieve better working conditions for women in the AME (Association of Educator Mothers).

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In the public schools of the towns in Burkina, the women of AME (Association of Educator Mothers) always cook outdoors with firewood because there is no other possibility. This means they are exposed to wind and many animals that pass by and approach the cooking.

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586 direct beneficiaries: 484 students from Kotedugú-B school, 65 students from AFID center, and 24 women from Kotedugú and Koro, along with necessary staff.

104+125 days of school cafeteria for Kotedugú-B school and AFID.

2,930 indirect beneficiaries (5 family members per individual).

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55,668 portions served
6088 kg of rice
1438 kg of white beans
619 liters of oil
1408 kg of spaghetti
95 kg of tomato paste (in a can)
75 kg of dried fish
190 kg of sardines
86 kg of peanut paste
357 kg of onion
86 kg of other vegetables

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