School Lunch Program, Hygiene and Sanitation

Given the insufficiency of government aid and other organizations, the project aims to address a basic need such as nutrition and hygiene care, thus contributing to an improvement in the children’s health and academic performance.

Education is the foundation for the development of a country, and that's why we consider it of vital importance to contribute through food donations to schools and raise awareness about the importance of the environment, the need to preserve it, the issue of waste, and the adoption of basic personal and collective hygiene habits, such as handwashing before meals or using trash bins to keep the school clean.

Productors locals- CATSYA

Thanks to the program, not only does the students’ nutrition improve drastically, but the percentage of beneficiary households also increases as they see their children and grandchildren well-nourished. Through the CAT SYA project, support is provided to the local economy by purchasing products from the country (such as rice, corn, legumes, vegetables, oil, etc.), thereby promoting trade and agriculture in Burkina.

Higiene- CATSYA

This program also includes raising awareness about hygiene and fighting climate change through conferences and video projections. It also involves providing large metal waste bins for children to develop the habit of not littering, as well as an adequate number of handwashing facilities to emphasize the importance of cleanliness and encourage them to wash their hands before eating.

Menjador escolar- CATSYA

Since 2021, CAT SYA has been promoting a comprehensive nutritional study using the WHO reference standard to assess the nutritional status of the children benefiting from the school meals program. The objective is to identify strategies to improve their health status.

The first study, conducted with a sample of 165 children, revealed that 60% of them have a height below the average and 11.7% suffer from stunted growth and chronic malnutrition.

Project initiated in 2017, with three fundamental objectives:

Since the 2017-18 academic year, we have been funding a school canteen at the Kotedugú-B rural public school, established through CATSYA oversight and hosting 460 students.

Starting in 2018-19, we have also been providing assistance with our school canteen to a literacy and vocational training center in Kotedugú.

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